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The way people choose to live is a kind of art. Certainly a pure form of self-expression. Lifestyle choices are as exciting to Munna as are the countless furnishings possibilities of a space to live in. This is why some places appeal to our senses whereas others don´t: exploring them is like calling out a memory of scents, colours, shapes and sensations as intimate and personal as an erstwhile pleasure. Places are themselves a fine evocation of a certain manner, a kind of way on being and living.



Established in 2008 in Oporto,Portugal, Munna is a furniture brand specialized in Upholstery. Munna was created to be part of these athmospheres, with their appeal to elegance, uniqueness and freedom. The pieces result from the combination of traditional techniques and creative innovation. Portuguese experts, among craftsman, designers and joiners, who are committed to deliver only the highest quality, set out to develop armchairs, loveseats, sofas, ottomans and screens that never loose their power of amazement and allure.


Transform emotion into products



MUNNA is keen on becoming an international reference for Design.
Our products are born through the blend of productive tradition and creative innovation, highly committed to quality and inspired by our profound cultural heritage.


core values

Timeless is what we aim for. Ageless design, traditional production.

Emotive. Make a promise and live up to it! Challenging every rule, every day. We are keen on becoming an international reference of design.

Optimist. We know that art overcomes any obstacle, for talent is where true value relies.

Provocative, Our design has the power to entice