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Soft & Creamy | armchair

soft & creamy

design: gonçalo campos

Manufactured in solid wood and covered with gold leaf, this armchair

designed by Gonçalo Campos Reveals the beauty of its frame and the knowledge of the craftsmen who produce it. An armchair with exceptional accuracy .


Width: 80 cm | Depth: 88 cm | Height: 113 cm



Solid beech frame in gold leaf.

Limited edition of 12 pieces.

limited edition

dress me

Developed from the definition of limited edition whilst always ensuring a spirit of passion and excitement, Dress me is a collection that is bent on creating exclusive pieces for design collectors and galleries.

This limited edition, comprises 7 pieces, selected from the Fetiche collection, totally reinvented by 7 different designers, in a 12 limited edition pieces that are signed and numbered by the creator.

This collection springs from the brand’s longing to develop an avant-garde image and strengthen its international presence, while opening a niche for the design/art market.
Creative, seductive and exclusive, the Dress Me collection results from the creative background of each of its designer, by conveying personality to each piece.