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heritage | armchair

heritage armchair

design: susana martins

A unique armchair with historical references. Revisited from the Fetiche collection by the jewelry designer Susana Martins, its back results in a mesh of 5.236 pieces of silver made and applied by hand. The armchair is upholstered in silk color black that ensures a bold contrast with the vibrant jewel Pieces


Width: 83 cm | Depth: 85 cm | Height: 99 cm



5.236 pieces of Portuguese silver filigree, in 187 modules,

weighting a total of 5800 grams.

Limited edition of 12 pieces.

limited edition

dress me

Developed from the definition of limited edition whilst always ensuring a spirit of passion and excitement, Dress me is a collection that is bent on creating exclusive pieces for design collectors and galleries.

This limited edition, comprises 7 pieces, selected from the Fetiche collection, totally reinvented by 7 different designers, in a 12 limited edition pieces that are signed and numbered by the creator.

This collection springs from the brand’s longing to develop an avant-garde image and strengthen its international presence, while opening a niche for the design/art market.
Creative, seductive and exclusive, the Dress Me collection results from the creative background of each of its designer, by conveying personality to each piece.